Photo: Niklas Björling
Photo: Niklas Björling

What do you work with?

"The External Relations and Communications Office has a big and exciting mission! The department is responsible for university-wide communication, the development of collaborations, relationships, innovation and alumni, fundraising, academic ceremonies and the University’s art. Conference Services are also part of the department, as well as Korta vägen which the University is working with on commission by Arbetsförmedlingen."

"The department is organized into three main sections – the External Relations Office, the Communications Office and the Relationship Management and Events Office – as well as an Administrative Office."

What type of support do you provide?

"The support we give differs quite a lot depending on the area. In communications, we focus on the university as a whole and the values it stands for. We support the communications activities of the academic departments as well as the administration. The Communicators’ Network (kommunikatörsnätverket) brings together all communications officers within the University and is an important channel for that work."

"We are helping to support and facilitate the creation of collaborative partnerships and projects between the University and the wider community. This is to give advice, inspiration, guidance and practical support to researchers, graduate students and teachers around collaboration and innovation. The network of local collaboration coordinators (samverkanskoordinatorer) is important for this."

"Conference Services provides support for those who want to hold a conference or a meeting in Aula Magna. Art Management ensures that we handle our collections correctly and provides support for this.”

Where are you located and how can people contact you?

"Most of our employees, including myself, are in Blom's Pavilion. Perhaps it’s not so beautiful but it’s functional, a temporary building north of the University Library. Conference Services staff are situated in Aula Magna and the media production team has premises in Södra huset, House B. We have a number of e-mail addresses that you can contact, depending on your specific question.

Do you have any major projects underway within the department?

"Many! But I want to highlight two: We have received additional resources from the University Board from this year to develop the international alumni activities. The initiative is also addressed in the University's action plan. Alumni Activities are an area where there is much to do and it will be great to do more."

"We have also received resources for two years for coordinating and communicating the University's work with refugees and new arrivals. The Vice-Chancellor announced at last year's employee welcome ceremony that a coordinator function would be created to better organise and highlight these projects and initiatives. Building this up is an exciting and important project for the department."