Maryam Hansson Edalat
Maryam Hansson Edalat

So, what do you work with? What type of support to you provide?

“Our primary work can be summarized in three points.

First, we provide qualified support to university researchers and departments regarding the application for external research funding. This means, among other things, that we read research proposals and give advice on possible application strategies. We also review budgets based on the funding agencies’ requirements. Research Support Office organizes information seminars in connection with major calls.

Second, we assist in issues concerning research ethics and misconduct and provide support to the Ethics Council at Stockholm University. The different aspects of research ethics are described in legal documents, regulations and guidelines. They regulate research involving humans and animals, personal data, data records and collected materials, including interview reports, biological tissue banks and gene banks. This is a new area of responsibility for us and we are developing support for researchers, departments and leadership. Since the beginning of the year, our new research officer, Jonas Åkerman, has taken up this task.

Third, at Stockholm University, many offices work internationally and Research Support Office coordinates these efforts at the central level. This, too, is a new responsibility for us; Maria Wikse is Head of International Affairs and Elisabet Idermark is International Coordinator. We work proactively to encourage and coordinate strategic partnerships with universities in other countries. We emphasize Stockholm University’s outstanding research and we develop partnerships with other top universities. We also participate in a number of international networks and coordinate international visits with the leadership.

Within our responsibilities, we provide support to the university’s leadership in the form of reports and analyses.”

Where are you located and how do we contact you?

“You can find us in Södra huset, building E, 6th floor. Our contact information is in the personnel catalogue (Sukat). You can also email”

Are there any ongoing large projects?

“Increasing the number of ERC and other EU applications is part of the university’s strategy. We plan to give more support to researchers applying for ERC grants, more information on this is coming soon. Starting in fall 2017 we will be joined by an experienced research coordinator who will help researchers coordinate large EU proposals and administrate funded research projects.

We are also working with ’Open Science’, including: open access, open data, citizen science and responsible research and innovation. We collaborate with Stockholm University Library, the Archives and Records Office, and the IT Services on open access and open data.

The University’s action plan for 2017-18 calls for Research Support Office to develop a central strategy for continued internationalization. We are waiting for the directive from the Vice-Chancellor and plan to submit the strategy by 2018. In this project, Research Support consults other offices within the administration and various representatives of Stockholm University.”