Photo: Anna-Karin Landin.
Photo: Anna-Karin Landin.

So, what do you work with? What type of support do you provide?

Finance Office is responsible for the university's financial management practices - giving advice and support as well as upholding and communicating the laws/ordinances/regulations governing Stockholm University. We also manage and develop the financial management systems.

Our responsibilities:

• Agreement monitoring

• Payment flow

• Financial statements and financial aspects of the annual report

• Financial management systems

• E-commerce

• Capital management

• Accounts payable and receivable

• Ongoing accounting

• Project administration

• External accounting support

• Governmental reporting

• Administration of foundations

• Procurement

Where is the office and how do we contact you?

We are sitting in the pavilion which is located in Södra huset, between the buildings C and D. In order to get in touch with us we encourage you to use Serviceportalen. On the department's website there is more information about who does what.

Are there any big projects underway at the office?

One of our major projects in the coming years is the review of the economy model and a possible change of the accounting system. It’s a project that will involve not only the Finance Office but the entire University.