Foto: Eva Dalin
Foto: Eva Dalin

So, what are you working on?

“We support everyone working and studying here in using information technology. This means that we provide infrastructure and basic services such as email, network, telephony, and a host of other IT services tailored to the university environment, such as Workplace Services, Human Resources Planning, and various types of server services. And naturally these services comply with rules governing information security, the environment and the like.”

What support do you provide?

“We provide support for all key IT services and systems, mainly through Helpdesk, and we also support project management and various research activities.”

Where are you located and how do we contact you?

“The whole department is split up in different wings of Södra huset, unfortunately. Helpdesk and telephony are located in the B house on Level 2 and the infrastructure unit, services, systems development, IT staff and management are on the 5th floor of the D-house.”

“Support questions, orders and error reporting are made through the Service Portal (, and we also have contacts that can handle IT issues beyond the ordinary. For example, there may be requests for completely new services or other issues that crop up. The contact people provide services within the IT department. All contact information is available on the Employee Web.”

Are there any major projects right now?

“Yes, we have several. Procurement of a new learning platform is in progress that will eventually replace Mondo. I can’t say so much right now because we’re in the middle of the procurement phase, but it’s a big project that will involve both employees and students. It feels very exciting.”

“We are also upgrading the Tentamen Service, which will enable digital examinations for a total of approximately 500 users simultaneously, as opposed to the current service which only supports around 150.”

“Furthermore, on behalf of the Head of Administration, we will investigate technical solutions for the future’s lecture halls and look into introducing Office365 for employees. In addition to this, there are several other initiatives to ensure that new technology contributes to the mission of Stockholm University.”