Strategies for Stockholm University 2015-2018

Strategies for Stockholm University is a policy document that outlines the overall direction for the University for the period 2015-2018. The strategy document contains a university-wide action plan as well as action plans for the scientific area of Science and the scientific area of Human Science.

Stockholm University Action Plan 2017-2018

The action plans puts the general strategies of the University and the scientific areas into practice and thus ensure that they are implemented.

Astrid Söderbergh Widding

Stockholm University’s core values – your input is welcome

Within the process of drafting the new strategies, and as a part of the project Living Values, the President of Stockholm University invites all members of staff to reflect on our core values.

Living Values

Where is Stockholm University headed, and are we living up to our values? Work is about to start on the next set of overall strategies. At the same time, the University will be involved in a large international project on the core values of higher education institutions.

Senior Management Team

Astrid Söderbergh Widding

Vice President
Clas Hättestrand

Deputy Vice President
Henrik Cederquist
Astri Muren
Elisabeth Wåghäll Nivre

Director of Administration
Eino Örnfeldt

Assistant Director of Administration
Åsa Borin