Procedures and instructions

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Procedures and instructions

Stockholm University's environmental management system includes a number of documents such as policies, environmental procedures and instructions. Some of the documents addressed to all employees and some to certain designated.


Stockholm University's Environmental Policy (60 Kb)

Stockholm University's policy för Green IT (63 Kb)

Chemical policy for Stockholm University (33 Kb)


Action plan

Environmental Action plan for Stockholm University 2014 and 2015 (167 Kb)


Procedures and instructions

Stockholm University's waste management procedures (315 Kb) (revised 140519)

Procedure for environmental risk assessment at Stockholm University (92 Kb)

Instructions for reduced energy consumption (102 Kb)

Instructions for climate-friendly travel and travelfree meetings (67 Kb)

Displays for waste management and recycling (19835 Kb)

Chemical management procedures (92 Kb)


Environmental review

Survey and Assessment of Environmental Aspects at Stockholm University 2010 (60 Kb)


Other documents

Environmental risks in case of an emergency or incident (85 Kb)

Destruction certificate for narcotics, narcotic chemicals/precursors (25 Kb)



Environmental coordinator at University level
Jenny Lilliehöök
Telephone: 08-16 39 88

Environmental officers
Human science:


University Administration: vacant