Here you can find information on how to proceed to book travel online until November 2, 2018. Below you find the instructions on what steps should be done.

To book travel requires that you have an updated traveller profile. This simplifies the booking process, both when booking over the telephone and via the online booking system Amadeus e-Travel Management (AeTM).

In order to book travel online requires that you first have a traveller profile.

If you are employed after October 1 2014, contact your contact person for travel at your department. If you are employed before October 1 2014, you have already a traveller profile and you have to update it. You are responsible for keeping the profile updated!

          Update your traveller profile online.

              Write your username (same as your university e-mail address),
               click on ”Klicka här om du glömt ditt lösenord” and the password
               will be e-mailed to you. Log-in. Your name, telephone number and
               e-mail address is already in the traveller profil. You have to update
               with your mobile telephone number, credit card numbers for hotel
               room booking, bonus loyalty cards and personal preferences,
               change your password under "Profile" and then log-out of the tool.
               You create your password yourself. Wait a few minutes before
               you log-in again to ensure accurate data synchronization and
               activation of the new password. The first time you log-in to the
               traveller profile, you need to accept the ”Data Security”.              

NB! Please check that your name in the profile is consistent with the name in your passport.

When you have updated your traveller profile, you can book your trip online in the online tool Amadeus e-Travel Management (AeTM).

           Book your trip online.


After three unsuccessful log-in attempts your username is locked. You can try again after 30 minutes or contact Online Helpdesk.

Contact BCD Travel's Online Helpdesk
for technical problems or navigation issues

Opening hours: Monday–Friday at 08:00–18:00, ordinary working day
Telephone: +46 8 566 185 59

Contact BCD Travel's Team Stockholm University
for questions about an existing reservation
Opening hours: Monday–Friday at 08:00–17:00, ordinary working day
Telephone: +46 8 555 128 96