By contacting BCD Travel you get advice and help to plan trips, such as booking flights, trains, hotels, car hire and taxis, as well as a visa or other arrangements related to the trip. The trip is charged in the way desired.

Personal Service – Team Stockholm University

Opening hours: Monday–Friday at 08:00–17:00
Telephone: +46 8 555 128 96
Address: Vretenvägen 13, 171 54  Solna

24-Hour Emergency Service

If you have emergency travel requirements, queries or concerns after office hours, please call +46 8 555 128 96, for BCD Travel’s dedicated 24-Hour Emergency Service Desk based in the Netherlands. Calls are automatically diverted to the after hour emergency service desk; the initial contact is always in English.

Note that BCD Travel will charge an extra fee for 24-Hours Emergency Service. This service should only be used if absolutely necessary.

Support of the Online Booking Tool

Opening hours: Monday–Friday at 08:00–18:00
Telephone: +46 8 566 185 59

Groups, Meeting & Events

Opening hours: Monday–Thursday at 08:30–16:30 and Friday at 08:30–16:00
Telephone: +46 31 758 05 60

Welcome to contact BCD Travel!