Travel on official business may only be undertaken on behalf of Stockholm University.

Decisions regarding business travel are made by the head of department or equivalent.

Business travel must be planned and carried out using the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly method.

The person travelling must use the University’s contracted travel agencies, which include the airlines covered by the framework agreement, or purchase train tickets under Stockholm University’s agreement with SJ.

When booking a trip with the University's travel agency, a confirmation of the booking must always be sent to a contact person at the department (or equivalent) to confirm that the person travelling is an employee of the department and is authorised to book the trip.

All forms of discounts associated with business travel must go to the University, regardless of how they are designated. University employees are thus not allowed to use discounts or bonuses privately.

The person travelling should consider whether the trip could be replaced by a web meeting or video conference.

Environmental concerns should be taken into account when choosing the means of transport. For domestic travel, train travel is recommended over air travel for journeys shorter than 500 km. “Green” taxis are recommended when travelling by taxi.

Accommodation costs and other expenses must be reasonable.

Travellers should choose a hotel that does not offer pornographic TV channels.

Travellers should choose a hotel with a systematic environmental policy.

Expenses associated with travel on official business will be reimbursed upon submitting a travel expenses claim.