Number of visits

Individual employees have the right to contact Feelgood and make appointments for doctor consultations, visits with therapists (or equivalent), or physical therapy without their manager’s approval. These visits are limited to 3 per year. After the first three visits, they should contact their manager who can approve 3 further visits. Human Resources is not billed for this.

In exceptional cases, the manager can grant 4 additional appointments/treatments when it is needed to prevent medical leave or when it will expedite the return to work. These treatments will be charged to their department.

After 10 appointments, Human Resources should always be consulted.


Regardless of the recommendation of the doctor/therapist/physical therapist, the total number of visits is limited to 3 per year. For example, if the doctor recommends physical therapy, the physical therapy sessions are limited to 2, after which the manager shall be consulted to approve further treatments.

The head of the department can approve the request by emailing the appropriate person at Feelgood or through a certificate that confirms the right to more visits.

Ordering services

The head of department has the right to order:

  • Ergonomic walkways in the workplace
  • Seminars/training sessions with general information at the wish of the department
  • Work-related vaccinations of employees regardless of the reason (e.g. preventative medicine for travel, etc.)

The above services are paid for by the department (aka e-services)

After consulting with Human Relations, the departments can order:

  • Medical profiles (or medical examinations) that are directed toward all or most of the department’s employees (including testing).

This is also an e-service.

Other services should be ordered by Human Resources.

To request another service, submit a job acknowledgement to the payer for approval and return it to Feelgood. For e-services, it is sufficient for payers to confirm the billing address.

Gym Cards