Goal of occupational therapy

Employees who become less able to do their jobs because of sickness or injury will receive help and support, regardless of whether it is work related. The coordinated rehabilitation effort will occur as early as possible and focus on recovering working abilities in order to return to work duties, whether full- or part time.


“Occupational therapy” is an umbrella term that includes medical, psychological, social, and work-related treatments. It supports the sick or injured employee to return to the best possible functional abilities, work abilities and prognosis for a normal life.


The Vice Chancellor is responsible for ensuring that Stockholm University’s rehabilitation activities obey the relevant rules and that Stockholm University has a policy clarifying the goals and responsibilities for rehabilitation. 

The Vice Chancellor has given the responsibility of work environment issues to the heads of departments. This means that the department head is responsible for rehabilitation within the department and for ensuring that rehabilitation is conducted according to the policy and the instructions set for Stockholm University. The rehabilitation takes place in cooperation with employees and proceeds from their needs and conditions.

The responsibility with rehabilitation is to work closely with the different parties involved in creating procedures so that the rehabilitation process can be efficient and effective, and that everything necessary is done to facilitate an early return to work.

Human Resources will continuously monitor the rehabilitation, develop procedures, and support the department heads to facilitate and expedite the rehabilitation process.

* Department head, in this context, includes section managers and pro tempore managers to whom the responsibility for rehabilitation issues has been delegated.


The head of Human Resources has given more detailed instructions.

“Who does what in the rehabilitation process” (Swedish) Anvisningar vid rehabilitering av anställda – "Vem gör vad i rehabiliteringsprocessen?"

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