To be able to participate in the various free exercise classes for university staff at Frescatihallen you need to have a SU/Medley-Fitness Card. You re-register your card before a new semester or receive as a new employee a new card at Frescatihallen's Desk from 4/1. You show your ID and the staff checks that you are on the list of all employees. (For graduate students who are not employed at the university requires that the department will contact Human Resources Office – primarily Tarja K.)

To attend a free exercise class:
– You can either book for classes in advance (recommended) via the link:, via the app (search for "Medley" on appstore or android) or come for a drop-in ticket (subject to availability).
– To receive your ticket: Scan the bar code on your card towards the card reader at the front desk each time you pass the reception on the way to training. If you have booked a class, you will have your ticket printed directly after scanning. For a drop-in ticket, scan your card and talk to the staff to check if there are available tickets left. (The following classes are only available for drop-in and can not be booked in advance: Shoulder/Neck, YogaSoft and TaiChi/QiGong.)

Note! Please, arrive on time – at least 10 minutes before the start – otherwise there is a risk that you are not allowed to participate!

Activities during Spring

Spring activities (free of charge) starts Monday 8/1 (w. 2) and runs until Friday 1/6 (w. 22). No activities on red days. 11/5 and 1/6 only BodyPump.

180123: Changed time for Spin55 on Fridays – starts at 07:30.
180319: From 21/3 Shoulder/Neck (on Wed) goes on Thursdays, same time!
180410: Changed time for DanceAerobic on Wednesdays – starts at 17:00 from 11/4.
180518: No Shoulder/Neck on Thursdays 24/5 and 31/5.

Day Activity Time at Note
Monday PowerYoga* 08.30–09.30  
  CorePuls* 11.0012.00  
  Shoulder/Neck* 11.15–11.45 Changed time!
Not 30/4!
  YogaSoft* 12.00–13.00 Not 30/4!
  BodyAttack* 16.00–17.00 Not 30/4!
  Gymnastics – Medium* 17.30–18.30 Not 30/4!
Tuesday BodyPump* 07.15–08.15  
  Zumba* 11.05–12.05  
Wednesday Gymnastics – Basic* 08.00–09.00  
  PowerYoga* 11.00–12.00  
  Spin – Basic* 12.00–13.00  
  DanceAerobic* 17.05–17.55 Changed time!
Thursday PowerYoga* 07.30–08.30 Not 29/3!
  Shoulder/Neck* 10.15–10.45 Changed day! Not 29/3, 24/5, 31/5!
  AfroPowerMoves* 11.00–12.00  
  Gymnastics – Medium* 12.00–13.00 Not 29/3!
  Pilates* 16.00–17.00  
Friday Spin55*           07.30–08.25 Changed time! Not 11/5, 1/6!
  BodyPump* 11.15–12.15  
  TaiChi/QiGong* 11.30–12.30 Not 11/5, 1/6!

*NOTE: Ticket is required for all classes!