SSIF at Frescatihallen runs sporting facilities on campus for both students and employees at the University. Further information can be found at the following web address:

As an employee at the University you are entitled to one hour/week of preventive health care (friskvård, i.e. keep-fit activities) during working hours if you are working full-time. You have access to a number of free or heavily discounted activities in Fresctihallen and also to the staff gym. Friskvård, i.e. keep-fit activitiesFrescatihallen Autumn 2019.

The training network, Friskis och Svettis, offer employees at Stockholm University a 10 % discount on the Friskis och Svettis annual pass, Allträning. You may purchase the card directly at any of Friskis and Svettis' fourteen facilities in Stockholm. Make sure to take your University payslip, together with an personal ID if you are intending to buy the card.

Wellness Benefit

As an employee at Stockholm University, you are entitled to a wellness benefit of 1500 SEK per year to spend on wellness and fitness activities. You have to register your wellness benefit and receipts in Primula/My page/Wellness Benefit.

Upon presentation of receipts, employees are entitled to this tax-free benefit with reimbursements of up to SEK 1,500 per calendar year. Which wellness activities are approved for the Wellness benefit is governed by the Swedish Tax Agency’s rules. The activity should be of a simple characteristic and be of a minor amount in cost. An individual activity may not cost more than SEK 1,000 at a time. More information about which activities are approved, or not approved, for reimbursement can be found on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website.

If you are unsure if your activity can be approved for reimbursement you must check with your department (or equivalent) in advance. The cost of the contributions for wellness activities is charged to your department (or equivalent).

The Wellness Benefit at Stockholm University

  • Approved activity in accord with the Swedish Tax Agency’s rules.
  • You have been employed for the number of months you are requesting a reimbursement. If employed for only a part of the year, the amount of the WellnessbBenefit will be for this period. The scope of employment or number of working hours does not have any impact on the amount of the wellness benefit.
  • The receipt in original with the VAT no. and VAT paid must be submitted within six months of the payment being made. If you don't do it within this period, the right to reimbursement is lost.
  • The receipt must be submitted during the current earnings year (except for payments from November and December which can be used for wellness benefit the next coming year).
  • Submit documentation according to your department’s guidelines and instructions.

At the end of the year, the receipt must be registered no later than 4/12 to be able to be charged to the current year. If you work out at the employee gym, reduce the fees from the Wellness Benefit.

Register wellness activities for your Wellness Benefit in Primula

From 24 January 2020, employees are to start registering wellness activities for your wellness benefit allowances in Primula. You have to register your wellness benefit and receipts in Primula/My page/Wellness Benefit.

How to register receipts

The receipt must relate your personal costs incurred for wellness activities. The receipt must contain your name or your Swedish personal identification number.

  • The receipt must additionally contain the following information:
  • the date of the issuance of the receipt
  • the vendor’s name and company registration number
  • what the receipt specifically relates to
  • the amount paid
  • VAT amount or percentage

Any handwritten receipt must include the above information plus either be signed or stamped by the vendor.

Payment by direct debit or invoice

When paying via direct debit, either a copy of the relevant direct debit agreement together with the bank statement showing the payment or a certificate of payment issued by the facility must be attached.

When paying after receiving an invoice, the invoice as well as bank statement(s) where the payment is stated must be attached. The invoice must be made out to you personally.