As an employee, you are entitled to use the staff gym. The gym has facilities for stamina training using excercise bikes, step- and rowing machines.
A range of equipment is also available for weight training, using free weights, or machines.
You could exercise your:
Stamina with the help of excercise bikes, stairmasters, rowing machine, treadmills, crosstrainers, AMT, SkiErg (Nordic skiing machine).
Strength with free weights, machines, kettlebells, TRX.

Open hours : Monday to Friday 07.00-20.55.
The staff gym is closed during holidays but open all weekdays (also during the summer).

Rules for the staff gym: for the common good there are some simple rules to follow when using the staff gym:

  • Get in touch with the instructor before you start using the gym.
  • Always use training clothes and shoes.
  • After using weights and other equipment put them back where you took them.
  • If necessary wipe off the seats.

Fee: January until December 500 kronor, July until December 250 kronor.
The department or place of work is charged. Because of this it is important to speak to the person in charge of finance at the department/workplace before signing up at the gym.
The access right to the gym has to be renewed at the end of each year otherwise it is automatically canceled.

If you want to start using the gym please contact Johan Cederström.
Telephone:08-16 45 85