Mitch Downey is from the United States and joined Stockholm University to work as an assistant professor at the Institute for International Economic Studies.

Happy to live in Sweden

"I'm very happy here, Mitch Downey says. "I think in many ways both the country, the university and my department are kind of perfect for me."

"Everything that I could want in a job is well represented here", Mitch says. "How you fit in to an institution, how you fit in to a department – and whether the types of work you like, and the types of work they like are the same – has a really big impact on how happy you are. And being here, as well as being somewhere else, has really taught me how true that is and how important that is." 

Dynamic, friendly and collegial environment

"The collegial environment here I think is pretty special", Mitch says describing the environment as "really dynamic, friendly and collegial".

The city of Stockholm amazes Mitch. "Every day I walk out of my door my jaw drops", he says. "To move to a city where you can walk down the street and see buildings that are five hundred years old. That just doesn't happen in the United States."

Mitch Downey, assistant professor at the Institute for International Economic Studies