Meeting with Stockholm Academic Network
Meeting with Stockholm Academic Network

The purpose of the network is to improve the situation for those who are accompanying an international researcher to Stockholm, since this can be essential as to whether researchers decides to stay in Stockholm. The fact that so many came to the event signals a great and real demand of getting into the Swedish society and labour market.

Maria Fogelström Kylberg, Managing Director at Staf, opened the meeting. All participants then got the chance to introduce themselves, where they are from and to which university they or their partner are affiliated. Thereafter Anders Houltz from the centre for Business History gave an introduction to Swedish society in a historical perspective, and the art director Jérôme Signori shared his experiences of being a newcomer in Sweden.

Get at clearer picture of demands and requirements

This first event was arranged in order to get at clearer picture of what demands and requirements there are among people who are accompanying their partner to Stockholm. During the meeting, the participants discussed expectations and needs from their own perspective to see what kind of activities Stockholm Academic Network should prioritize.

- It is obvious that we in Stockholm need to get better at taking care of these individuals’ competences and make sure they are settling in and like it here. Of course the demands look very different; from understanding how the health system works to finding a job and building a network. We will do our outmost to take care of this group and our hope is that it will strengthen the image of Stockholm as an attractive academic city that takes care of researchers as well as their families, says Maria Fogelström Kylberg.

Text and photo: Stockholm Academic Forum