Paul Andrews, Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Science Education

With the objective of welcoming international staff and their families, a new website in English with information designed to attract and inform prospective employees to Stockholm University, or guide new employees has been set up. Find the information here:

  • What is required for a visa and residence permit when working in Sweden?
  • Living in Sweden
  • Housing opportunities
  • What Stockholm has to offer in terms of culture, weather, environment, and recreation
  • Health care and bank information in Sweden
  • Stockholm as an academic region
  • Stockholm University operates as a workplace

On the web visitors will also meet international researchers who talk about what it's like to work at Stockholm University and live in Sweden.



Recruiting the best

The University's recent strategy states that "internationalisation should be seen as a means to increase the long-term quality, competitiveness, and attractiveness of the University”. Stockholm University strives to recruit the best teachers and researchers, and international collaboration in research and teaching is a fundamental part of the university's activities and a prerequisite for achieving excellence. It is hoped that the new webspages will serve as an informative complement to the efforts to attract international staff to Stockholm University.