Who is eligible?

Foreign guest researchers with a doctoral degree, Post Docs and PhD students (including PhD students on exchange) are eligible to apply for University housing. Researchers with a permanent position at Stockholm University are not eligible to apply. Housing is meant  for researchers and PhD students who are first arriving to Sweden. Therefore, housing contracts will only be offered within the first 6 months from the start date of PhD studies or research being conducted at Stockholm University.

Foreign undergraduate exchange students (on a Masters or Bachelor level) and regular Masters students are not eligible to apply for this housing queue and are instead referred to housing for international students.

How to apply for accommodation

  1. Go to this webpage: https://housing.su.se/kxstudent/ and click on the tab that says “Register As Researcher or PhD-student”. 
  2. Fill out the required information.
  3. Close your web browser and restart it to clear any open browsing sessions.
  4. Check your e-mail and follow the instruction in the e-mail you have received from the Housing Office that has been sent to you (the code should appear as you click on the link but if it does not you will have to type it in manually).
  5. Click on the “confirm” tab.
  6. Close your web browser and restart it to clear any open browsing sessions.
  7. Go to the webpage again: https://housing.su.se/kxstudent/
  8. Log in by filling out your e-mail and your password.
  9. Click on “Make Application” tab. Remember to choose the correct Academic Year (2019/2020).

Double occupancy

In some housing areas it is possible to share accommodation with a partner and/or kids. Double occupancy is allowed at Docentbacken, Bondegatan, Grindstugan, Hovbeslag and Fjällis. In the housing application form, these preferences will be listed as "family option". Double occupancy is not allowed at Kurland, Nora Torg, Konsulentvillan or Trädgårdsvillan. 

Rental period

Our accommodations are intended for temporary stays only and not for researchers holding permanent positions or having permits of residence.

The minimum rental period for all housing areas, except Docentbacken, is three months.  The minimum occupation period at Docentbacken is six months.

The maximum rental period in most housing areas is one year.  However, the maximum rental period for Trädgårdsvillan and Grindstugan is six months.

Once housing has been received it is not permitted to apply for housing a second time or to change housing areas.

Housing queue

When an application has been submitted, it is placed in a housing queue. The waiting time before you will receive an offer varies depending on many factors, such as requested accommodation size, housing area, rent level, or time of year.  The more preferences you add, the better chance you have of receving an offer.Demand for all accommodation is high and we are unfortunately not able to accommodate every applicant.  

When you are offered accommodation

If housing that matches your preferences is available, you will receive an offer from the booking system. You must then accept or decline the offer within the given deadline stated in the offer, or you will loose the offer.

If we have not received any reply from you within two weeks from the date of your offer, your application will be removed from the housing queue. If you wish to remain in the queue for a second offer you must send an email to housingoffice@su.se and explain why you do not accept the first offer.

Offers are sent earliest two-three months before the requested moving in date. You will only recieve a maximum of two offers.  If both offers are declined, you will be removed from the housing queue.