Arrival Key Collection

Your keys must be collected at the Housing Office Key Desk, which is located at Södra Huset, entrance B, floor 3 at the Frescati Campus. When you come from the stairs, walk straight ahead through the corridor until you reach the key desk. Opening hours are Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00. Please note that you cannot collect your keys before the arrival day stated on your rental contract.

Cancellation prior to arrival

Cancellation of a contract less than one full calendar month prior to the start date of the contract will result in a charge of one month’s rent as a cancellation fee.

Early cancellation during lease period

During the duration of the lease the tenant has a cancellation period of two full calendar months.  A request for cancellation must be made in the tenant´s Accommodation Account.  During the cancellation period, the tenant is obliged to pay the full rent.

Extension of rental contract

Requests for extensions must be made to the Housing office Stockholm University at least three full calendar months prior to the termination date of the contract. A request for extension must be made in the tenant’s Accommodation Account.  Extensions must be supported by a document from your SU department which states that you are continuing your research or studies at Stockholm University during the entire duration of your extension period.  Tenants will not receive any reminders about the possibility of applying for an extension. The maximum rental time is one year (or 6 months at Trädgårdsvillan and Grindstugan).

Please Note:  A full calendar month means – 30 or 31 days within one entire month of the calendar.  Partial months do not count as a full calendar month, nor do the number of days given as notice.

Rent Payment

All tenants have a personal responsibility for paying the rent on time and in full. If the rent is not paid in full or on time the tenant may be evicted.  Rent is charged per month in accordance to the beginning and ending dates of the contract. Rent is always paid one month in advance. The rent may be raised during the lease period due to increased costs and/or yearly rent increases from our landlords.

Rent is paid online by logging into your accommodation account at Please pay the rent by credit or debit card. If you have any problems with the card payment, notify us directly at

General regulations

  • The tenant shall do everything necessary to maintain healthiness, good order and condition in the property. The landlord has the right to gain access to the apartment/room without delay to perform urgent inspections and carry out improvement measures that cannot be postponed without causing damage. The landlord guarantees the tenant accommodation during the whole contract period but cannot guarantee that it will be in the same room/apartment.
  • The landlord reserves the right to contact the tenant’s home University or their department at Stockholm University in case the rent is not paid on time or in full, if the cleaning instructions have not been followed upon departure, if the keys are not returned on time, if the tenant does not pay for a lock change or if the tenant breaks any of the instructions or regulations provided by the landlord.
  • Tenants must be considerate of one another and to their surroundings, this is extra important when the common areas are shared. For most people this is a question of common sense. In some situations it can however be helpful with common rules to refer to. The rules below are what we ask our tenants to follow in order to keep a good ambiance.
  • Only the tenant has the right to occupy the apartment. Double occupancy may be allowed after an agreement has been made with Stockholm University in some specific areas. Stockholm University reserves the right to deny double occupancy.
  • The tenant is not allowed to sublease their apartment or room. Unauthorized subletting of the apartment or room will cause termination of the rental contract.
  • Damage to the apartment/room or amenities needs to be reported to the Stockholm University Housing Office immediately.
  • Damage which is caused by the tenant or has been discovered only after the final inspection will be charged to the tenant.
  • Problems in the apartment/room (electricity, plumbing, ventilation, etc.) need to be reported with no delay to the Stockholm University Housing Office by filling out a maintenance request online (
  • Bicycles or other objects must not be left blocking entrances or staircases.
  • It is forbidden to flush down objects, which could block up the drains of the toilets or to empty cooking oil, coffee grounds, etc. in the kitchen sink. Any costs related to this will be charged the tenant.
  • Follow the rules for the disposal of garbage for your area and leave your garbage in the respective containers.
  • Objects left behind after a tenant's departure will be disposed of by Stockholm University Housing Office.
  • The house caretaker must always be allowed to access the accommodation in case of an emergency  (even if the tenant is not home).
  • It is forbidden to copy any keys for Stockholm University’s rooms or apartments.


Music, dancing or other loud noise that might inconvenience other tenants must not be performed between 22.00 and 07.00. If the tenant breaks this rule they will receive a written complaint and depending on the severity of the disturbance it may result in an immediate termination of the rental contract.


Smoking is not allowed in any rooms, apartments, or common areas.


Pets are not allowed in any rooms, apartments, or common areas.

Common areas

All tenants using common areas are responsible for keeping all common areas clean and leaving them in good order after use.  This includes all shared kitchen, toilets, showers, laundry rooms, and corridors.

Household waste

Waste-bags with household waste must be securely tied so that they do not leak and cause a bad smell. They must not be placed in the stairwell but be placed in the assigned garbage room.

Keep the doors closed

Check that the front door closes behind you when you go in and out of your corridor and building, to make it more difficult for uninvited guests to enter. This is very important when living in a corridor, where conflicts may arise if food or private belongings disappear. Always keep the door to your accommodation locked and keep all windows closed if you are not home.


Any vermin (rats, ants, cockroaches, bedbugs etc) must be reported immediately to the Stockholm University Housing Office. Pest control is free of charge and will not cost the tenant anything.

Home Insurance

Stockholm University recommends that all tenants obtain their own home insurance (hemförsäkring) for property and liability.  The insurance coverage paid for by Stockholm University is limited only to the apartment/room furnishings and does not cover the tenant's personal belongings or liability. Home insurance is sold by most insurance companies in Sweden.

If you are in Sweden for a shorter period of time (less than one year), we recommend that you take out a householders’ comprehensive insurance. As you will not have a Swedish personal identity number in this case, you might find it difficult to take out insurance in Sweden. It is therefore recommended that you buy a householders' comprehensive insurance before you leave your country.

As the tenant, you are responsible for your accommodation, irrespective of whether or not you are to blame for any damage, or if damage is caused by your friends. No consideration can be taken in regard to whether the damage is the result of carelessness, an accident or some deliberate act. As the legal tenant you will be held responsible for payment. If you have a householders´comprehensive insurance or a housing insurance it should cover all or some of this costs. Neither the landlord nor Stockholm University can be held responsible for any theft or loss of your personal possessions and this includes your room/apartment keys.

Heating, hot water, and electricity

Heating, hot water, and electricity are provided, except when necessary overhauls or repairs are being conducted.  Repair and maintenance work shall be performed as quickly as possible.


Internet is included in the rent. The tenant is not entitled to a rent reduction if the Internet is not working for a few days. The tenant is also responsible to contact the internet provider themselves if the internet is not working properly. The Housing Office will provide the tenant with contact information to the internet provider.

Laundry room

The tenant must book the laundry room by going to the laundry room- the tenant cannot book the laundry room online. The tenant is responsible for following the rules and regulations in the laundry room and to clean up after themselves after using the facilities.


All apartments are furnished with basic furniture. Blankets, sheets, pillows and towels are not provided.


Lost keys, plumbing, heating, sanitary and elevator problems after office hours.

If you have an emergency on weekdays between 16:00-07:00, or during the weekend, you must call the emergency phone number for your respective housing area. Please observe that this number must only be used for problems which risk causing damage to property or person if they are not taken care of immediately. When there is no immediate danger, you should wait and contact Stockholm University Housing Office during office hours. Costs for consulting emergency service for non-urgent issues will be charged to the tenant.

Additional information may be posted at the entrance of apartment buildings.

Emergency phone numbers:

  • Bondegatan: 08-714 82 10
  • Docentbacken: 08-18 70 00
  • Fjällis: 020-212 112
  • Kurland: 08-458 10 11
  • Nora Torg: 070-562 36 03
  • Konsulentvillan: 020-55 20 00
  • Trädgårdsvillan: 020-55 20 00
  • Grindstugan: 020-55 20 00

Lost keys

If you lose your keys you should immediately inform the Stockholm University Housing Office by filling out a maintenance request online ( If you loose your keys after office hours you should call the emergency number for your respective area. The lock/s will be changed if keys are lost. The cost for the change of lock/s and keys will be paid by the tenant.


For reporting non-urgent maintenance problems, or for reporting urgent maintenance problems during office hours, please log into your accommodation account at and file a maintenance request.

Key Return

We kindly ask you to empty your room/apartment and return the keys to the key desk at the latest at 09.00 the day after the date of departure stated on your contract. The Housing Office Key Desk is located at Södra Huset (Entrance B, Floor 3) at Stockholm University. If you do not return your keys on time, we will be forced to make a lock change and you must pay the cost of up to 6000 SEK.

The Housing Office Key Desk is open Monday-Friday between 09.00-16.00. If you arrive when they are closed, the keys can be dropped in the Key Box located on the right side of the elevators, when Södra Huset is open (see information below). Remember that you must put your keys in an envelope and write your name, address and room-/apartment number on it before you put it in the Key Box

Södra Huset opening hours:

Monday-Thursday: 06:30-22:00

Friday: 06:30-20:00

Saturday-Sunday: 08:00-18:00

(closed on all public holidays)


You will receive cleaning instructions by email prior to your departure.  Before leaving your apartment/room we ask that you follow these instructions.

The tenant must clean the room/apartment thoroughly and leave it free from any of his/her personal belongings. The tenant must compensate the landlord for any damage caused to the room/apartment and reimburse the landlord any missing or lost fixtures. The tenant must return all keys upon departure.

After your departure a representative of Stockholm University will inspect the accommodation. Please remember that if you do not leave the apartment in satisfactory condition you will be charged a cleaning fee of up to SEK 2500.