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Autumn at Frescati campus. Photo: Eva Dalin

Working at Stockholm University

Stockholm University offers researchers and lecturers a unique environment to pursue their goals.

Jenny White holds the Professors' Lecture at Stockholm City Hall

Moving to Stockholm for work at Stockholm University

When Professors Jenny White and Mark Rhinard first came to Stockholm they had no idea it would become their home.

Ilona Riipinen. Photo: Eva Dalin

What's it like to work at SU?

Professor Ilona Riipinen talks about her decision to join Stockholm University and the work environment at the Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry (ACES) where she works.

Frank Wilczek photo: Niklas Björling thumbnail

The Nobel laureate who got hooked on Stockholm

Childhood interest in mathematics and technology took Frank Wilczek all the way to a Nobel Prize. Now he will spend a large fraction of his time in Sweden where he is trying to crack the secret of dark matter.