Researchers making new contacts at the international pub.
Researchers making new contacts at the international pub.

Claudia Moreno, a guest researcher from Brazil who has been in Stockholm and at the Stress Research Institute since August last year, attended the pub accompanied by her post doc Nelson Lemos.

”It was interesting to hear how people from diverse cultures have different impressions of living in Sweden. Also, I learned more about the Swedish Academic Collaboration Forum, a joint effort to carry out seminars in a group of countries, including Brazil. As a whole it was a nice experience to meet guest researchers from other places to hear more about living in Sweden and to learn about new projects of international collaboration at the University”, says Claudia Moreno.

Opportunity to share experiences

Kristina Bukelskyte-Cepele is a Lithuanian PhD student in Baltic languages who joined the gathering at the pub together with two colleagues from the Department of Slavic and Baltic Languages, Finnish, Dutch and German.

“My impression of the pub is very good. I like the idea of gathering international researchers like this, so that people can mingle and share their experiences, e.g. working in Sweden as an international researcher.“

She continues by saying that it is also a good opportunity to present your own working area to other people and concludes:
”This pub was a good chance to meet other researchers outside my department. Usually it is hard to find time for socializing, especially when you are a PhD student.”

Dagmar Knot at the Vice-Chancellor’s Office who was in charge for the event says:
”It was great to see staff from various departments, and with varied positions within the University, come together and mingle. These sorts of mingling opportunities help to promote relationship building, which can develop more interdisciplinary research within the university.”

Dagmar continues: ”With the decentralised nature of the University, it is possible that colleagues from similar countries, or with similar research interests, are not aware of each other. A pub like this creates an opportunity for staff to learn more about their colleagues while also providing a place where international staff and Swedish colleagues can relax together after work. ”

Dagmar Knot hopes that pubs of this kind will be organised on a more regular basis. She will inform about the pub at the induction seminar for new employees in April, and hopefully another pub will be organised in conjunction with that day.