Alumni Activities

The Section for Relationships and Events, part of External Relations and Communications, offers departments national and international support for their alumni work.

The alumni coordinator can even assist with overarching alumni organisations and administrate the university’s web-based alumni network.



Collaboration development team

SU’s collaboration development teams facilitates collaboration on private, governmental and non-profit activities. The team gives advice and support to individual employees, departments and the university leadership. If you are uncertain whom to contact with a collaboration-related question, the development team is a good place to start.



Field-specific academic collaboration support

There are about a dozen researchers and teachers working as appointed liaison officers in diverse academic areas, providing support for collaboration. They are charged with facilitating academic collaborations and making good examples more visible. Each coordinator is responsible for a handful of departments which are related to their own research work.


Communications advice

The Communications Section, part of External Relations and Communications, gives advice and support prior to the communication of new collaborations, projects, expertise exchange, products or events – both internal and external.



Conference Services and advice

The Section for Relationships and Events, part of External Relations and Communications, supports researchers, teachers and others arranging conferences. This is where you book conference locations on the university campus. You can also get professional assistance with all stages of your research conference or other event.



Commissioned education and training

Many departments are able to offer varying types of tailor-made education and training suited to the needs of businesses and organisations. The Coordination Section for Commissioned Education (SUSA) in the Human Sciences Area is a resource for the entire university. Come to us and we’ll steer you in the right direction.



Innovation Office

The Innovation Office, part of External Relations and Communications, encourages and supports researchers, doctoral students and students in turning their ideas into successful products and services in the marketplace.


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Integration and migration support

The primary mission of integration and migration support is to help university departments in issues that concern integration or migration for people who are newly arrived in Sweden.



International partnerships

The Research Support Office develops the university’s international work and supports international research collaborations.



Partnerships and collaborations

Working with partnerships means building and tending to long-term collaborations with contacts outside of the university like businesses, organisations, foundations and philanthropists. We want to increase collaboration in both research and education with the broader society on projects that benefit both parties. All partnerships should have express support from the head of the department, the dean and the academic area’s deputy vice-chancellor.



Student Services – career and job market support for students

MyCareer, the jobs portal for Stockholm University students, can support work with theses, internships and projects; career events; inspiration and job search tips for students; and recruitment and “employer branding” for employers.