Photo: Elsa Adrielsson Helin
Photo: Elsa Adrielsson Helin

Responsible for:

History and philosophy subjects (with Anja Hirdman)





Who may contact you, and with what kind of questions?

All researchers and teachers at the departments I am responsible for are welcome to discuss specific projects or general questions about collaboration. This may involve contacts with workplaces to arrange work placements or study visits, help finding agreement templates, or advice concerning applications for collaboration grants. To assist me in this work, I have access to resources at the External Relations and Communications Office, as well as the collective knowledge of the network of Appointed Liaison Officers.

How would you like to contribute as an Appointed Liaison Officer?

Collaboration has become increasingly important in my teaching in recent years. This especially concerns collaboration with museums, as well as various types of professionals in different cultural sectors. The chance to work with collaboration and try to highlight its importance – and hopefully help other colleagues – was the incentive for me when I accepted the assignment.

What are you working on right now?

Besides acting as a resource (together with Anja Hirdman), for those colleagues in the history and philosophy subjects at the Faculty of Humanities who want to collaborate and need support and inspiration, I am working together with colleagues on developing a third-cycle course on theory and practice that will be offered in collaboration with various museums and production companies.

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