Malin Stenberg de Serves, Liaison Officer
Malin Stenberg de Serves


Responsible for:

Section for geography and environmental science

Field stations NEO and Tarfala



What would you like to accomplish as a liaison officer?

I’ve always thought that it’s cool discovering different ways of working together. It’s a real win-win situation! Creating a link between administration and the academic departments is really foundational, especially when SU wants to highlight its links to the wider community. There are already numerous collaborations which could become even stronger. For example, I think that there’s great potential in developing the alumni network and better connecting students and doctoral researchers to the outside world. I’m also looking forward to possibly creating a whole new collaborative project! Maybe all of the local collaboration coordinators, strategists, leadership and outside contacts can put their heads together at regular Collaboration Days?


What are you working on now?

We’re getting ready for a collaboration-themed house party on 30 November. The purpose is to highlight the current projects for all co-workers, external contacts and our own students. It promises to be both inspirational and to give a better picture what collaboration can accomplish. Maybe a new project will spark during the mingle…


Last spring I had the opportunity to write the “collaboration” section of the department’s strategy and started the collaboration section of the workshop. I think that we need more opportunities to discuss cooperation – we just need to start. Maybe a workshop for the sections/faculty in the spring? I’m also reworking the website’s “collaboration” section and looking for a display area in the house where we could feature news about collaboration.


As a communicator, my work is varied and includes both internal and external communication. There’s strategic and operational work, too. I particularly enjoy communicating our research to the media and potential students, especially when it’s multimedia.


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