Emergencies & Crisis Plan

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In case of emergency

SOS Alarm: 112

Security and safety: 08-16 22 16

Security guards: 08-16 42 00 (08-15 42 00)


Office hours

Studenthälsan: 08-16 17 69, ingemar.dahlgren@su.se

Företagshälsovård:  08-676 82 00

Report crime and accidents

Report crime by phone: 08 16 11 55

Use our reporting system for reporting crimes, incidents, occupational injury, occupational disease and environmental deviations. Answers to your notification will be sent to you by e-mail. You can also sign in and follow your case.

Support from the university in threatening or hateful speech or actions

Increased security, counselling and help filing police reports. The university can help if you become the target of threats or other harassment.

Hjärtstartare. Photo: Mattias Wadsten

Defibrillators at Stockholm University

Stockholm University has over 50 defibrillators placed on the premises, which is the highest number among all universities, colleges and authorities in Sweden.