Department heads and administrative managers can now authorize their employees to purchase ethanol by assigning rights to them (ge fullmakt), so that no paper forms are needed. This change is aimed to make it easier for departments and offices to manage and control which persons are authorized to buy ethanol or to remove authorization from those who no longer need it.

Manage permits/authorizations

Permits/authorizations are managed via Start by finding the person to be authorized using the search field and then follow these steps:

  • Select System Rights in the left-hand menu
  • Select Etanoltillstånd (Ethanol permits) and click on Edit
  • Under Tilldela rättigheter (Edit permissions) choose Köpa (Buy) and the associated department
  • Save by clicking on Tilldela (Assign).

Watch an instructional movie here (Swedish)>>

Note! This procedure applies to individuals with no previous permissions, who need authorization, or for the removal of authorization. All persons with existing authorization are already registered in the system.

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