The working group will develop proposals for how the information on the web to English-speaking staff can be improved in terms of content and structure.

The information collected by the working group will be posted on the university's central English website,, and given a distinct URL. The assignment also includes highlighting the need for non-public pages within this target group. The assignment is in progress during the autumn and will then be dealt with by the administration where respective information owners will be responsible to implement the work during 2015.

The Working Group

Jan Löf (Convener), Helene Komlos Grill, Marie Jackalin (Communications Office).
Carina Nymark, Office of Science.
Susanna Lindberg,  Office of Humanities, Law and Social Science.
Karin Hansson, The Social Sciences Faculty Office.
Johanna Sommansson, Property Management Office.
Leif Järlebark, Research Liaison Office.
Carina Nilsson, Human Resources Office.