Erica Öjermark Strzelecka, international alumni coordinator
Erica Öjermark Strzelecka, international alumni coordinator

Former students can be important ambassadors for a university. As a part of Stockholm University’s promotion of increased internationalisation, the work with international alumni is now expanding. Since February, Erica Öjermark Strzelecka has been working as the international alumni coordinator.

Important ambassadors

“As with anything else relating to collaboration and relationships, it is difficult to quantify the value and the effects of the relationship. I believe that these people might have a position in their communities where they can act as ambassadors for us. They can provide an authentic and genuine image of what it is like to study here, and in the long term, they may contribute in many ways, perhaps by creating alumni associations abroad, increasing collaboration, donations, or something else entirely,” says Erica Öjermark Strzelecka.

Finding alumni a real detective work

The first step is to find the alumni, which has been detective work carried out together with IT and Ladok. A survey has been sent out to find out more about the alumni: who they are, what they do for a living, where they live, and what they would like to gain from their contacts with Stockholm University. More than 500 responses have been received so far.

“For a few years, we had lots of students from all over the world. They are a well-educated group of proactive people who saw an opportunity to receive an education at a world-ranked university. Some of them moved halfway around the world, which not everyone dares or has the opportunity to do. There is great potential in staying in contact with these people,” says Erica Öjermark Strzelecka.

Important to involve new students as well

In parallel with the process of contacting old alumni, the work to involve students who are still on site will also be developed.

“It is important to send signals already during their studies that we want to stay in contact with them and plant the idea that they are our alumni.”

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