The strategies establish the fundamental values and goals that will guide the University from 2015 to 2018. They are divided into the following four areas: research and education, recruitment and continuing professional development, national and international collaboration, and administration and operational support.

The new plan replaces the previous one and goes hand in hand with the general strategy document. The strategies have been determined by the University Board, and the two-year action plan will put them into practice. The two academic areas – human science and science – have also adopted action plans for 2017-2018 as complements to the joint action plan.

The joint action plan includes new points as well as further developed points from the previous plan. The new points include external assignments, such as the new quality assurance system for education and the programme for gender mainstreaming commissioned by the government. New points from the University’s own strategic considerations include increased support for EU applications and measures to strengthen internationalisation.

Examples of points from the action plan:

  • Raise the profile of socially oriented environmental research
  • Expand the support for preventing research misconduct
  • Expand the collaboration on research infrastructure between the research universities in dialogue with the research councils
  • Increase the number of undergraduate courses and programmes for foreign students
  • Develop a strategy for widening participation
  • Develop a long-term facility management plan