What is special about EU projects?

The special thing about EU projects is that they legally binds the whole university to the project. Hence, following rules are important to follow for all EU-projects:

  • All projects must have the approval of the Head of Department

  • All agreements must be signed by the head of the Research Support Office (delegated from the President). Exceptions apply to Erasmus +, which is managed by the Student Department.
  • The Research Support Office assists with legal advice in connection with contract signing.

The Research Support Office offers support:

  • Advice both before you start writing and when writing an application. When coordinating a project or ERC application, we also offer a review by an external EU expert.
  • Review of the project budget.
  • Assist with administrative information during the application process and contract negotiations.
  • Guidance during the course of the project, e.g. in connection with project reporting.

New management scheme for EU-funded research projects

Contact persons for EU-fundning are: