Future European Research Funding under threat

The European Parliament’s originally proposed budget for Horizon Europe of 120 billion Euros was in 2019 reduced to 94 billion Euros by the European Commission. Many of the EU member countries now want to cut member state fees, which could mean a further reduction of the budget to Horizon Europe to 75 billion Euros. The consequences are likely to be felt in all EU countries, also in areas other than education, research and innovation.  

Sign the petition

Fortunately, Initiative for Science in Europe, a platform for scientific organisations and societies, has initiated a petition through which all who are in favour of investments in education, research and innovation can show their support in English, Swedish or in other European languages. 
Researchers, students, research organisations and citizens are now invited to petition the Swedish government and the European Council to work towards a more ambitious budget in the coming Framework Programme for research.

We need to act together and resolutely! 

Please share this with friends and colleagues, in networks and through social media. The more support the petition can garner, the greater the chance for success.