Information about the Prisma application system

Prisma is the e-service for the Swedish Research Council (VR), Forte, Formas, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Swedish National Space Agency, and Skolforskningsinstitutet. Prisma will be used for applications, the review process and for reporting. If you are involved in the application evaluation process it is here you will find all the information you need, and where you will perform your appointed tasks. Here, you as researchers can apply for grants and manage your granted funds. If you participate in the review process, you will find all information about your review panel here. As applicants and reviewers, you create a personal account in which your information is stored. The goal of Prisma is to simplify for applicants, reviewers and administrating organisations (the organisation that manages the granted funds for a project) to perform the tasks related to applications to these research councils.

How to create a personal account in Prisma

All Prisma users (researchers, persons responsible for signing and administrators) must create a personal account in Prisma.