The Discrimination Act (SFS 2008:567) aims to combat discrimination and promote equal rights and opportunities. The Vice-Chancellor has delegated the responsibility for issues related to health and safety, discrimination and equal treatment to the head of department or equivalent. This means that the head of each department is responsible for preventing discrimination.

In the Discrimination Act, disability is defined as follows:
A persistent physical, mental or intellectual limitation of a person’s functional capacity that has arisen or can be expected to arise as the result of an injury or an illness present at birth.

The term "persistent" should be interpreted in relation to the terms "temporary" and "permanent". The disability does not have to be permanent, but quickly passing injuries and conditions (e.g. a broken arm) are not covered.

Similar to, for example, the Equality Ombudsman and Handisam, Stockholm University uses the term disability to describe the limitations of a person’s functional capacity. Obstacles may arise in an environment that is inaccessible. In our efforts to increase accessibility, it is important to consider people’s different needs in different study situations.

The University’s organised accessibility work

Stockholm University’s long-term plan for 2011-2015 stipulates that the University should be characterised by equality and openness. Issues relating to accessibility and the treatment of people with different needs and backgrounds should be given high priority. The concrete aims of this work are defined in the Plan for Equal Rights and Opportunities.

The Plan for Equal Rights and Opportunities contains measures to promote equal rights and opportunities for current and prospective students, as well to prevent discrimination. In addition, it contains aims and measures for the University’s work on accessibility and widening participation. For example, it encourages efforts to make the University’s facilities, activities and information accessible to employees, visitors and current and prospective students. The plan is available at: