What is ViTal?

ViTal is a tool that converts text on a computer screen, or what is written in the moment, into speech using a digital voice. ViTal supports the text-to-speech reading of most document formats from several producers, including Microsoft Office, Open Office and Star Office, and is capable of reading texts from websites and pen scanners.

In addition, ViTal can record the converted text and save it as an MP3 file, which the user can then listen to on a smartphone, reading tablet, portable MP3 player, etc.  The program contains several different voices in multiple languages (e.g. Swedish, Spanish, German, French and English UK/US), which means that teachers can use ViTal while teaching foreign languages.

Target audience and purpose

ViTal provides a comprehensive reading and writing solution that facilitates increased learning for all users, regardless of their needs. For example, the program can serve as a complement to regular teaching for self-study or language studies. Moreover, it is an invaluable aid for dyslexics and users with some type of visual impairment or motor skills disorder who find it difficult to learn from written text.

Order ViTal through Helpdesk

In order to have ViTal installed on your work computer, all you have to do is order the program via the IT coordinator at your department, who will in turn contact Helpdesk or the software library and ask them to send an installation disc. The IT coordinator will then receive a copy of the program along with installation instructions. The IT coordinator does not have to register the license with the software library, as it is a campus license. On the other hand, we do not have any student licenses and thus cannot give the program to students for home use.