Student Services has coordinators for students with disabilities, dyslexia pedagogues and an IT pedagogue. The coordinator/dyslexia pedagogue issues certificates concerning the recommended support measures to the affected students, orders key cards to resource rooms, coordinates mentorships, etc.

Moreover, the coordinator provides support to department staff in their efforts to make their teaching and examinations more accessible. Student Services administers salaries to mentors, invigilators, people helping students with notes, etc.

Contact person at the department

As a rule, each department has a contact person who is responsible for assisting students in their study situation (usually the study counsellor). Students are advised to establish contact and consult with the contact person about the support already at the start of the course or programme.

If a student has not previously been in contact with the coordinator at Student Services, the student should be referred there to receive an overall assessment and a certificate which details the recommended support measures.

Certificate concerning support measures

Students in need of individual adaptations in their studies should contact the coordinator at Student Services for information and to discuss their need for support. Based on the conversation and the student’s documentation of their disability, a certificate will be issued which details the recommended support measures. These may include note-taking support, mentor support, adapted examinations, etc.

The certificate also specifies the student’s obligations and what is expected of the department. The certificate thus provides a service to the department staff, who do not have to see any of the student’s certificates from doctors, speech therapists, dyslexia assessments, etc. Moreover, it protects the student’s integrity.

The student should present the certificate to relevant staff at the department, typically the contact person. The student and the contact person will discuss how the educational support will work in practice. The department decides on the recommended support measures relating to examinations and teaching, and is responsible for making sure that invigilators are available to students who complete their examinations in a separate room or with extra time.