Another educationally-strong department is the Department of Social Work, also known as the School of Social Work, with extensive educational programmes within the field of social work. The department also works closely with various stakeholders in the sector, and the department's lecturers and professors, in addition to their research, are also frequently called upon as experts. The department is located at Sveaplan, until premises at Albano are available.

The Department of Economic History is a small but well-functioning department which maintains close collaboration with similar institutes around Sweden. On the educational side, the department has pursued a strong proactive line in relation to the Swedish Higher Education Authority's evaluations. The academic area of international relations is also a subject within this department which is in very high demand. In addition the Department coordinates a newly established, cross-faculty graduate school in international relations.
The Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) is the University's largest department, with extensive teaching prgrammes and established international educational collaboration. The Department has a strong entrepreneurial character, with broad collaboration, with amongst others, technology companies in the surrounding area. DSV is in the forefront of e-learning and sees this as a resource for the entire University. Another area that has been in focus recently is that of technology and art. The connection to working life is also very well developed in the courses and programmes delivered by the department.
The same also applies to the highly popular programme at the Department of Political Science. The department offers students the chance of an internship, usually during the last term, as they often go straight from practice into the workplace. Political Science in Stockholm is also a very strong research department. Research areas include global and regional governance—one of the University's leading research areas—and the department has the largest research group within social science-based environmental research.