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From the Department of Geology and Mineralogy in 1881 to the Department of Geological Sciences in 2010

Geology is the study of planet Earth. Thus, by its very nature, Geology is an expansive scientific field which encompasses a wide range of interdependent sub-disciplines. Scientists working within these geological disciplines explore changes in Earth systems, such as the solid earth, life, oceans and climate, viewed in the framework of an estimated 4 567 million years of geological time. Geology further encompasses exploration for natural resources and both prediction and mitigation of natural disasters. In other words, geologists seek to further our understanding of the processes which are shaping planet Earth.

Geology at Stockholms högskola and Stockholms universitet
From Geology and Mineralogy in 1881 to Marine Geology in 2010
From Mineralogy and Petrography in 1909 to Geology in 2005
From Microbial Geochemistry in 1984 to Geochemistry in 2005
Department of Geological Sciences
Promoted professors 2000–2010
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