Undergraduate 2nd year – 7.5 credits
Course code GG4207
Start Fall term period 1
Language: English and Swedish
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The course addresses marine geological mapping with geophysical methods and sediment sampling. The course includes theories on the geophysical mapping methods applied, a field mapping component, geophysical data post-processing and geological interpretation. There is a specific focus on mapping of the unconsolidated seafloor sediments and bottom topography using acoustic methods including single and multibeam echosounders and side-scan sonar.

Course director

Martin JakobssonMartin Jakobsson
Department of Geological Sciences
Stockholm University
106 981 Stockholm

Admission requirements

Knowledge equivalent to 60 credits in Geology or Geoscience, where Geology 30 credits (GG2006) or equivalent must be included. Alternatively Geology 30 credits (GG2006), Mathematics for Geoscience 15 credits (MM1007) and Chemistry for Geoscientists 15 credits (KZ2003) or equivalent.

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Application & registration

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Course schedule & syllabus

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Course literatur

Consists of current scientific articles.

Form of examination

One written exam, and a written report from the field trip.

See also Syllabus.