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The Earth Science programme is jointly organised with the Department of Physical Geography

General and specific admission requirements
Physics B/Physics 2, Chemistry B/Chemistry 2 and Mathematics D/Mathematics 4. (Field eligibility entry 13 or A13 with exception for Biology A+B or Biology 1+2)


Course list/Click on the course for more information
1 Fall term Geology and Geophysics 15 credits
course given in SwedishPhysical Geography 15 credits
Spring term Quantitative Methods in Geoscience 7.5 credits
course given in SwedishStatistical Methods in Geoscience 7.5 credits
Basics of Geochemistry 7.5 credits
course given in SwedishQuaternary Geology 7.5 credits
2 Fall term Marine geophysical mapping methods 7.5 credits
course given in SwedishGeographic Information Systems, GIS 7.5 credits
Global Geochemical Cycles 7.5 credits
course given in SwedishHydrology and Water Resources 7.5 credits
Spring term Mineralogy and Petrology 7.5 credits
Physical Geographical degree project 7.5 credits
Structure Geology and Mapping 7.5 credits
Physical Geography and
Quaternary Geology Field Methods
7.5 credits
3 Fall term

Elective courses 30 credits
Spring term
Scientific Methods and degree project in Earth Sciences 30 credits
in Geochemistry, Geology and Marine geology
+ (Scientif methods 1.5 credit)


course given in Swedish Course given in Swedish
Fall Term Fall Term
Spring Term Spring Term