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The Ryder 2019 expedition with the Swedish icebreaker Oden targets the unexplored marine realm of Ryder Glacier, more specifically the Sherard Osborne Fjord and adjacent area of northern Nares Strait and the southern Lincoln Sea. It is a multidisciplinary expedition, spanning the fields of atmospheric chemistry and physics, archeology, biology, climatology, ecology, genomics, glaciology, oceanography, marine geology, geophysics and geochemistry. The overarching goal is to investigate the dynamics and development of the marine cryosphere and ocean conditions over time. Earth’s marine cryosphere includes glaciers extending into the ocean, ice sheets with their base suppressed below sea level, sea ice, gas hydrates and subsea permafrost. Read more...

Ryder Glacier 2019 Expedition
Ryder Glacier 2019 Expedition. Photo: Lars Lehnert

Start August 5 in Thule
• Follow Oden's position online here https://oden.geo.su.se/map

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