8 Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Rina Argelia Andersson
Lipid biomarkers and other geochemical indicators in paleoenvironmental studies of two Arctic systems: a Russian permafrost peatland and marine sediments from the Lomonosov Ridge
7 Licentiate thesis in Biogeochemistry, Marine and Brackish water ecology, Marine ecology, Geochemistry | Stefano Bonaglia
Benthic metabolism and sediment nitrogen cycling in Baltic sea coastal areas : the role of eutrophication, hypoxia and bioturbation
6 Doctoral thesis in Marine Geology | Johan Dalsätt
Fossil birds: Contributions to the understanding of avian evolution
5 Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Nguyen Thanh Duc
Abiotic and biotic methane dynamics in relation to the origin of life
4 Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Emma U. Hammarlund
Ocean chemistry and the evolution of multicellularity
3 Licentiate thesis in Biogeochemistry, Marine geoscience, Applied environmental science | Emma Karlsson
Organic geochemical investigation of sources, transport and fate of terrestrial organic matter in the southeast Laptev Sea
2 Licentiate thesis in Geology | Barbara I. Kleine
How do fluids move through rocks? High fluxes of CO2 in the Earth's crust
1 Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Xiaole Sun
Isotope-based reconstruction of the biogeochemical Si cycle: Implications for climate change and human perturbation

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