6 Licentiate thesis in Marine Geology | Henrik Swärd
The deglaciation of southern central Sweden reflected in the seismic and sedimentary stratigraphy of southern Lake Vättern
5 Licentiate thesis in Geology | Alexander Lewerentz
Vein controlled crystal size distributions of Barrovian index minerals
4 Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Engy Ahmed
Microbe-mineral interactions in soil
Investigation of biogenic chelators, microenvironments and weathering processes
3 Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Stefano Bonaglia
Control factors of the marine nitrogen cycle: The role of meiofauna, macrofauna, oxygen and aggregates
2 Doctoral thesis in Geology | Barbara I. Kleine
High Arctic submarine glaciogenic landscapes: their formation and significance
1 Licentiate thesis in Geochemistry | Yamoah Kweku Kyei Afrifa
Reconstruction of the Southeast Asian hydro-climate using biomarkers and their hydrogen isotopic composition

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