Understanding the complex palaeoenvironmental behaviour associated with the rapid centennial- to millennial-scale climate instabilities (Dansgaard-Oeschger oscillations; Heinrich events) during the last glacial period, is one of the major issues in paleoclimate research at present. These dramatic changes, seen in ice-core and marine archives, have however, rarely been recognized on land. The scarcity of terrestrial records, which allow documenting these instabilities as well as large dating uncertainties prevent detailed, time-synchronous correlations between land, ocean and ice core archives, which are necessary if the roles played by the different parts of Earth’s environmental system are to be understood. RESOLuTION is addressing these issues by linking high-resolution, multi-proxy marine, terrestrial and ice-core records through detailed geochronology and time-synchronous tephra horizons. It explores the impact of abrupt climatic changes on Paleolithic populations in Europe and performs transient simulations with a coupled atmosphere-ocean-vegetation model to simulate realistic Dansgaard-Oeschger stadial-interstadial changes.

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Contact information: Barbara Wohlfarth | barbara@geo.su.se