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This project investigates the cause, timing, and significance of the carbonate alteration in the Central Eastern Desert CED and Sinai in Egypt. Key questions to answer include:

• What is the source of CO2 that has caused the talk-carbonate alteration?
• At what stage during the Neoproterozoic evolution of the Egyptian basement rocks did the carbonate alteration occur?
• What is the relationship between intrusive carbonates and talc-carbonate schists?
• What is the chemical budget of the alteration? Are there large fluxes of chemical elements to and/or from altered rock?
• Is the carbonate alteration associated with gold mineralization?

The Meatiq are in the CED has been chosen as the field location for this study and preliminary fieldwork has been carried out.  The area is ideal for this study because it has been closely mapped and its geological history is relatively well constrained. The area also comprises a good cross section of CED geology from older ophiolitic units through younger intrusive granites and Hammamat sediments.


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