Our research is conducted in the SW Scottish Highlands (greenschist facies) and southern Greece (blueschist facies). We use chromatographic modeling to evaluate time-integrated fluid fluxes, Peclet and Damköhler numbers (which compare rates of diffusion, advection and mineral reactions), based on field measurements of the propagation and broadening characteristics of reaction fronts preserved in rock layers. By comparison with empirical diffusion rates, we obtain fluid flux rates and rates of mineral reactions. By constraining fluid compositions based on mineral equilibria, we can extract fluid rates for both carbon and water. Implications of this work pertain to our understanding of mountain building as a source or sink of atmospheric CO2.

Contact information
Alasdair Skelton | alasdair.skelton@geo.su.se

Barbara Kleine

Fredrik Arghe

Iain Pitcairn | iain.pitcairn@geo.su.se

Benjamin Huet


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