Marine geophysical mapping

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Marine geophysical mapping

High resolution geophysical equipment (sonars)

• 24 kHz Single beam Sub-bottom profiler (pinger), Portable
• 2–9 kHz Sub-bottom profiler (pinger), Dual transducers
Edgetech SB-0512 Sub-bottom profiler
Edgetech SB-216 Sub-bottom profiler
• Kongsberg EA600 Single Beam Echo sounder, Hull-mounted on R/V Skidbladner
Kongsberg EM122 (1x1°) – Multibeam sonar
Kongsberg EM2040 (1°) – Multibeam sonar
Kongsberg SBP120 (3°) – Chirp sonar (sub-bottom profiler)
L-3 Klein 3000 Digital Side Scan Sonar
Oden Multibeam and Chirp Sonar System
Seapath 320 GPS/GLONASS including MRU5
SIMRAD EK60 – Scientific echo sounder for water column data/fish tracking

Single-channel seismic equipment

• 2 Bauer Air compressors, Portable (on pallets)
• 2 Bolt Pneumatic Air Release (PAR) airgun, Portable 1500 cubic inches with amplifier
• 2 x 20 m Hydrophone streamer, Portable (on pallets)100 hydrophone elements each
• 3 Reavell Compair Air compressors, Portable (on pallets)
Bolt 600 Pneumatic Air Release (PAR) airgun
• Digital recording units, Portable

Other geophysical equipment

Geometrics G-880 marine magnetometer