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Geo worshop entrace

The machine workshop has the most common power/hand tools, digital measuring tools and good work spaces and vises. The room has a traverse with of 500 kg lifting capacity, to a maximum height of ~ 1.8 m. Outside there is also a traverse with a lifting height of 4 m.

Geo Worshop outside view and map

Machine workshop address:
Svante Arrhenius väg 6A

IGVs employees internal SEK 100/hour (700 SEK/day) plus materials.
External clients SEK 350/hour (2.800/day) plus materials.

For more information contact
Draupnir Einarsson | +46 (0) 8 16 47 62/ +46 (0) 76 860 59 98
draupnir.einarsson [at]

Tools and machines in the workshop
• Manual router for small manual tasks in plastic and steel
• Lathe for medium-sized jobs
• Small lathe for smaller jobs
• Welding machines (MIG and TIG)
• Automatic saw for thick metal pieces
• Horizontal band saw for profiles and pipes
• Vertical band saw for plastics, wood and aluminum
• Circular saw for wood
• Sheet metal bending machine for up to 1 m long and 4 mm thick sheet metal
• Metal shears 600 mm long for thin sheet metal
• Computer-controlled milling cutter with vacuum table
• Sheet plastic bending machine for up to 1 m long and 5 mm thick sheets
• Hydraulic press, up to 40 ton pressure
• Large drill press
• Small drill press
• Blasting cabinets with light and extractor/filter