The research group on Religious Education at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Education, Stockholm University, invites teachers in Religious Education and others interested, to an evening with lectures and conversation of the research presented by Cok Bakker and Edwin van der Zande. The theemes of the lectures are presented below.

RSVP by September 2nd: RSVP-link
Venue will be announced by email after September 2nd.
Location: Stockholm University
Language: English

Cok Bakker: How to think about the subjectivity of a (RE)teacher?

Cok Bakker

This lecture raises awareness to the interpretation processes of teachers performing their profession by highlighting the relation between subjectivity and objectivity in teaching. Though objectivity is considered to be a desired quality in educational policymaking, Cok Bakker argues that awareness of one’s subjectivity in teaching is crucial to understanding the normativity of one’s teaching. This is why embracing this subjective dimension of teaching and elaborating on this, can be a powerful alternative approach to school ethos issues. It’s a plea for an 'amor complexitatis'


Edwin van der Zande: Life Orientation: inclusiveness in RE

Edwin van der Zande

Life orientation addresses a holistic approach to human meaning-making, which is cognitive, affective, intuitive and imaginative. Besides the inclusion of various human competencies, life orientation departs from the assumption that all humans ask questions about life, or are being questioned by life itself. This workshop consists of  an introduction into this concept and an invitation to become acquainted with it, practicality in education.