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Welcome to Human Science!

The academic area for human science embraces three faculties: the faculties of humanities, of law and of social sciences. The Board of Human Science is a decision-making body responsible for the strategic planning of education and research, the co-ordination of interfaculty education and research, as well as internal and external collaboration. The Board is led by the Deputy Vice Presidents. The Board and the Office of Human Science are also support bodies to the Deputy Vice Presidents concerning strategic issues within education and research.

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Information for students and staff about the coronavirus

Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously.

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Covid 19: What applies to doctoral studies and dissertations?

Doctoral students are also affected by the prevalent infection protection situation, however the goal is that postgraduate education should be conducted as planned.

Teaching online

Teaching online

Learn how to transfer your teaching skills to an online context and start teaching online.

The Board of Humanities, Law and Social Sciences
The Office of Humanities, Law and Social Sciences