The Board

The Board of Human Science is a decision-making body and responsible for the strategic planning of education and research, the coordination of interfaculty education and research as well as internal and external collaboration. The board is also a support body to the Deputy Vice Presidents concerning strategic issues within education and research.

The boards must be representative of and have strong support within the University. The Board of Human Science comprises the Deputy Vice Presidents (chairpersons), leaders from the three constituent faculties and three student representatives. The Deputy Vice Presidents are representatives for the disciplines of humanities, law and social sciences in the University’s Senior Management Team. They also represents the University internally and externally and aid the President in matters concerning their academic disciplines.

Swedish term: Områdesnämnden för humanvetenskap.

The Office

The Office of Human Science prepares and processes matters for consideration by the Board of Human Science. The office also executes and implements decisions, conducts investigations, and administrates and participates in the Board's internal working committees. In addition, the office performs a monitoring function through its follow-up of the activities of the faculties and the departments within the academic area.

Swedish term: Områdeskansliet för humanvetenskap.

The Faculties

The academic area for human science embraces three faculties and two sections:

Stockholm University

See also the Stockholm University organisation: Stockholm University Organisation Chart.